College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) originated from National Kaohsiung Institute of Technology was established in 2006. College of EECS is home to three academic departments, one institute, and two research centers. All departments in College of EECS also offer MS and PhD programs. We employ over 100 experienced and enthusiastic faculty and staff. The number of our students has exceeded 2,000. We provide high-quality programs in the fields of device, circuit, system, communication, software, algorithms, as well as power and control technologies. The students in EECS can take full-time undergraduate or graduate program, and attend classes in the evenings or at weekends to improve their professional skills. After 50 years of development and production, we have cultivated and helped more than 20,000 electrical and computer engineering alumni for the competition that they need to face in the job market.

Missions and Goals

  As one of the national leaders in science and technology education, College of EECS of National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences not only achieves the goal to cultivate professional, international and holistic students, but also has missions as below in the high-tech era.

  • Developing electronics engineering and computer science to help boost local and national development;
  • Providing technical services and opportunities for professional training to meet the demands of the industry;
  • Encouraging research on the theory and practice of technology via the research centers.

  Having celebrated 50th anniversary of KUAS, College of EECS will keep its commitment to provide top-quality education to students and best service to the community in the coming years.