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The faculty of College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) is a hub of cutting-edge research and technology transfer as well as an effective training ground for university students. Since Aug. 2006, EECS has taken pride in providing the ideal environment for active students to learn and undertake research. As education is the key to technological innovations, it benefits humanity in daily lives and fuels economic growth in the latest development. We aim to provide a holistic engineering education whilst boosting with a scientific approach. Ten years on, our faculty members and distinguished alumni testify to the fine level of research, teaching and learning. Our faculty is not only engaged in a relentless strive for education and research excellence on campus. Instead, we are also pioneers in enhancing teaching and learning developments, as well as promoting public engineering education. Looking forward, we strive to continue as the forefront of scientific education and encourage our students’ development of independent and critical thinking, problem solving skills and creativity.



Undergraduate Departments of EECS

Undergraduate Program of Intelligence System

Dep. of Electrical Engineering

Dep. of Electronic Engineering on Jiangong Campus

Dep. of Computer Science and Information Engineering

Dep. of Electronic Engineering on First Campus

Dep. of Computer and Communication Engineering

Dep. of Microelectronics Engineering

Cent. of Energy Technology Research

Cent. of Robotics, Smart Computing


Graduate Institute of EECS

Inst. of Photonics and Communication


Research Centers: 

Cent. of Energy Technology Research

Cent. of Robotics and Smart Computing

Cent. of Railway Technical Center

Cent. of Cloud Intelligent System Research Center

Cent. of System Measurement Technology

Cent. of Photovoltaics Technology Research and Development Center

Cent. of Innovation and Service for Smart Life ICT

Cent. of Intelligent Equipment Service and System Center

Cent. of Industry-simulated center for semiconductor assembly and testing


Missions and Goals

As one of the national leaders in science and technology education, College of EECS on Jiangong campus of National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology (NKUST) not only achieves the goal to cultivate professional, international and holistic students, but also has missions as below in the high-tech era:


  • Developing electronics engineering and computer science to help boost local and national development;
  • Providing technical services and opportunities for professional training to meet the demands of the industry 4.0;
  • Encouraging research on the theory and practice of technology via the research centers.

Having celebrated the establishment of NKUST in 2018, College of EECS on Jiangong campus will keep its commitment to provide top-quality education to students and best service to the community in the coming years.


112-1 English-Instructed Course

112-1 English-Instructed Course

Class Department


Course TitleCourse Code
Department of Computer Science & Information Engineering


Genetic Algorithms


Department of Electronic Engineering(First Campus)


Microwave Engineering


Department of Electrical Engineering




Department of Electronic Engineering(Jiangong Campus)


Data Network Anaysis


epartment of Microelectronics Engineering


Application on System on Chip



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