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news 管理員 - Introduction | 2018-03-15 | 人氣:459


The faculty of College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) is a hub of cutting-edge research and technology transfer as well as an effective training ground for university students. Since Aug. 2006, EECS has taken pride in providing the ideal environment for active students to learn and undertake research. As education is the key to technological innovations, it benefits humanity in daily lives and fuels economic growth in the latest development. We aim to provide a holistic engineering education whilst boosting with a scientific approach. Ten years on, our faculty members and distinguished alumni testify to the fine level of research, teaching and learning. Our faculty is not only engaged in a relentless strive for education and research excellence on campus. Instead, we are also pioneers in enhancing teaching and learning developments, as well as promoting public engineering education. Looking forward, we strive to continue as the forefront of scientific education and encourage our students’ development of independent and critical thinking, problem solving skills and creativity.

※ Departments:

    -  Department of Electric Engineering

    -  Department of Electronic Engineering

    -  Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering

※ Graduate Institute of Photonics and Communication

Research Centers: Energy Technology, Robotics, Smart Computing